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Q01. What are copyrights?
Q02. What kinds of works are protected by copyright?
Q03. What distinguishes copyrights from trademark rights and patent rights?
Q04. When does copyright protection begin?
Q05. Must copyrights be registered to receive protection?
Q06. Are copyrights of R.O.C. citizens protected in other countries?
Q07. Can I use copyright to protect my concepts?
Q08. Do product instruction manuals enjoy copyright protection even if they only contain operating procedures and specification descriptions?
Q09. Must works be released or distributed to enjoy copyright protection?
Q10. What is the term of copyright protection?
Q11. May copyrights be transferred?
Q12. How do I get a person's consent if I wish to use their work?
Q13. How may I use works of other persons without having to get permission or licensing from the economic rights owner?
Q14. Someone has infringed my economic rights. What action can I take?
Q15. Could I face criminal charges for using another person's work?
Q16. Is it legal to use network file swapping or (peer-to-peer; P2P) software to download audiovisual works of others? What legal penalties may be imposed?
Q17. What is “electronic rights management information”? What new provisions have been made in the Copyright Act?
Q18. What are “technological protection measures”? What new provisions have been made in the Copyright Act?
Q19. I’m a business owner. I don’t pirate software, but merely use pirated software installed by others in the course of doing business. Is this legal?