I-Mei and Lohas Biotech sign agreement of cooperation on development of ‘Shampignon’ mushroom produc

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I-Mei and Lohas Biotech sign agreement of cooperation on development of ‘Shampignon’ mushroom produc


TAIPEI (Taiwan News)--I-Mei Foods and Lohas Biotech Wednesday jointly hosted a press conference in Taipei to sign an agreement for future cooperation on development of food products made from the "Shampignon" mushrooms (香檳茸).

The agreement was signed and exchanged between I-Mei Foods General Manager Luis Ko (高志明) and Lohas Biotech Chairman Jian Ming-ren (簡明仁).

Ko said that Taiwan has the advantage of possessing raw materials and technology for producing health foods and botanical drug products, but the final benefits have been reaped by foreign countries as Taiwan has to rely on imports of raw materials for making health foods from other countries. Therefore, Ko said that Taiwan’s agriculture should develop more added values with regard to the development of health foods and botanical drug products.       

Lohas Biotech has been dedicated to developing botanical drug products, including its trademark “Shampignon” mushrooms, which are a kind of rare and valuable mushrooms grown in strictly in Taiwan that contain rich nutrients of polysaccharides, magnesium and zinc.  

In light of the increased awareness of the benefits of botanical drug products and health foods among the general public, I-Mei has extended beyond traditional foods into the organic food product and biomedicine industries.

For instance, the food company has employed non-chemical methods to make edible oils and used the vacuum freeze drying process to make dried fruit and vegetable products. Based on the concept of “complementing a nutritional deficit,” I-Mei has also produced health products to nourish people having the problem of unbalanced nutrition.

As a result, I-Mei has made an array of health and biomedicine products, including a drink made in Korea that contains Ganoderma Lucidum, red ginseng, and many other herbs; popular chocolate balls and jelly candies that contain GABA, inulin, vitamin C, vitamin D and calcium; pumpkin seed oil; fish oil; glucosamine; and other products. All of the products are available at I-Mei stores across the country.