We are technology service agency recognized by Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA(IDB)
the Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA(IDB) has released a functionality project of Guidance Program for assisting industries to conduct innovation, research, and development, improving efficiency, helping them get through transformation and upgrading stage.
Using resources provided by this project and examined by the Bureau, we received the Certificate of Registration as a Technological Service Organization and become the recognized agency for providing IP management and legal services.
We are the agency that recommended by ASIA IP
Asia IP provides key issues for Asian companies and law firms. Their publication focusing on the issues behind the headlines, News, research and analysis, meeting the needs of legal consultants, leaders and copartners in Asian companies and law firms.

We are on the list of their recommended leading law firms, and we are the top choice when it comes to legal affairs for enterprises.
We are constantly ranked in the TOP 10 in Taiwan for filing IP applications
As a law firm that providing comprehensive IP services for over 70 years, we are well aware of that our specialists are the best insurance to our clients.

Our staff including experienced attorneys, former-examiner patent agents, high academic qualification patent engineers, and well experienced international IP consultants who are fluent in English.

We are capable of dealing with patents in fields of electronics, communication, computer, machine, semi-conductors, physics, chemistry, bio-tec., etc., and we assisted our clients obtained well over 30,000 cases of patent/ trademark rights. These are all proofs that our staff is specialized and well experienced.