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Q01. What are copyrights? open/fold
Q02. What kinds of works are protected by copyright? open/fold
Q03. What distinguishes copyrights from trademark rights and patent rights? open/fold
Q04. When does copyright protection begin? open/fold
Q05. Must copyrights be registered to receive protection? open/fold
Q06. Are copyrights of R.O.C. citizens protected in other countries? open/fold
Q07. Can I use copyright to protect my concepts? open/fold
Q08. Do product instruction manuals enjoy copyright protection even if they only contain operating procedures and specification descriptions? open/fold
Q09. Must works be released or distributed to enjoy copyright protection? open/fold
Q10. What is the term of copyright protection? open/fold
Q11. May copyrights be transferred? open/fold
Q12. How do I get a person's consent if I wish to use their work? open/fold
Q13. How may I use works of other persons without having to get permission or licensing from the economic rights owner? open/fold
Q14. Someone has infringed my economic rights. What action can I take? open/fold
Q15. Could I face criminal charges for using another person's work? open/fold
Q16. Is it legal to use network file swapping or (peer-to-peer; P2P) software to download audiovisual works of others? What legal penalties may be imposed? open/fold
Q17. What is “electronic rights management information”? What new provisions have been made in the Copyright Act? open/fold
Q18. What are “technological protection measures”? What new provisions have been made in the Copyright Act? open/fold
Q19. I’m a business owner. I don’t pirate software, but merely use pirated software installed by others in the course of doing business. Is this legal? open/fold