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Q01. What is a “trademark”? open/fold
Q02. What is a “collective trademark”? open/fold
Q03. What is a “collective membership mark”? open/fold
Q04. What is a “certification mark”? open/fold
Q05. Who is eligible for filing a trademark application? open/fold
Q06. How is the representation of a trademark in an application prepared? open/fold
Q07. How to fill in the column of the names of goods or services designated for a trademark application? open/fold
Q08. What are the advantages of a multi-class application? open/fold
Q09. Will the period for examining a multi-class application be prolonged? open/fold
Q10. How to claim trademark priority? open/fold
Q11. Can multiple priorities be made for a multi-class application? open/fold
Q12. Can the symbol “R” referring to a registered mark or “TM” standing for a trademark be included in a trademark sought to be registered? open/fold
Q13. Can different people file applications for registration of an identical trademark for different goods or services? open/fold
Q14. How to disclaim the exclusive use of a trademark? open/fold
Q15. Can the particulars of a trademark be changed while the trademark application is in progress? open/fold
Q16. Why the goods or services designated for a trademark application cannot be changed? open/fold
Q17. Does the applicant of a trademark application have an opportunity to be heard during the trademark application proceeding? open/fold
Q18. What remedies can be taken if a trademark application is rejected? open/fold
Q19. How to acquire trademark registration? open/fold
Q20. How to make payment of registration fee? open/fold
Q21. Is there a grace period for paying the 2nd installment of the registration fee if the payment is not made in time due to negligence? open/fold
Q22. How to calculate the term of trademark rights? Is there any difference for the term of trademark rights if the registration fee is paid in installments? open/fold
Q23. What steps need to be taken if the information of a trademark right holder changes after the trademark has been registered? open/fold
Q24. What is the meaning of trademark division? open/fold
Q25. How to divide a pending trademark application? open/fold
Q26. How to divide trademark rights after the trademark has been registered? open/fold
Q27. What should be noted after a trademark has been granted registration? open/fold
Q28. How to use a trademark correctly? open/fold
Q29. What does the identity of a trademark mean? open/fold
Q30. Can a trademark be used in the ROC where the goods bearing the trademark is registered in the ROC but they are for exportation only and are not available in the domestic market? open/fold
Q31. Under what circumstances would a trademark be deemed in use? open/fold
Q32. Can an application for trademark renewal be filed upon the expiration of the term of trademark rights? open/fold
Q33. What are the remedies for when an application for renewal of trademark rights fails to be made within the prescribed period? open/fold
Q34. When shall an application for recordation of trademark assignment be filed? open/fold
Q35. How to file an application for recordation of trademark license open/fold
Q36. What are the legal consequences if a trademark licensee fails to indicate on his/her goods/packaging/container the license of the trademark? open/fold
Q37. What steps need to be taken if a licensee desires to sublicense the registered trademark to another party? open/fold
Q38. Is it necessary for the agent or distributor of the goods bearing a registered trademark to apply for recordation of the license? open/fold
Q39. Does a trademark license relationship remain in force after assignment of the trademark has been recorded? open/fold
Q40. What steps need to be taken if one intends to terminate a license relationship after the trademark license has been recorded with TIPO? open/fold
Q41. How to create a pledge on a registered trademark? open/fold
Q42. What steps need to be taken if the information of a pledgee changes or the pledge expires after pledge creation on the registered trademark has been recorded? open/fold
Q43. Can a certification mark right, a collective membership mark right or a collective trademark right be assigned or licensed to another party or be created a pledge? open/fold
Q44. How to abandon trademark rights? open/fold