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Q01. What are the advantages of a multi-class application? open/fold
Q02. Will the period for examining a multi-class application be prolonged? open/fold
Q03. How to claim trademark priority? open/fold
Q04. Can multiple priorities be made for a multi-class application? open/fold
Q05. Can the symbol “R” referring to a registered mark or “TM” standing for a trademark be included in a trademark sought to be registered? open/fold
Q06. Can different people file applications for registration of an identical trademark for different goods or services? open/fold
Q07. How to disclaim the exclusive use of a trademark? open/fold
Q08. Can the particulars of a trademark be changed while the trademark application is in progress? open/fold
Q09. Why the goods or services designated for a trademark application cannot be changed? open/fold
Q10. Does the applicant of a trademark application have an opportunity to be heard during the trademark application proceeding? open/fold
Q11. What remedies can be taken if a trademark application is rejected? open/fold
Q12. How to acquire trademark registration? open/fold
Q13. How to make payment of registration fee? open/fold
Q14. Is there a grace period for paying the 2nd installment of the registration fee if the payment is not made in time due to negligence? open/fold
Q15. How to calculate the term of trademark rights? Is there any difference for the term of trademark rights if the registration fee is paid in installments? open/fold
Q16. What steps need to be taken if the information of a trademark right holder changes after the trademark has been registered? open/fold