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Customs seize 500 million infringing items

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Customs seize 500 million infringing items


Chinese customs have seized 17 million items infringing IPRs of 443 batches of cargo since the implementation of the National IP Strategy Outline a year ago.  By the end of May, the customs had seized cumulative 500 million items of 20,000 batches of cargo, making the border authorities powerful enforcers in the nation's IPR protection system.    
While keeping close watch at goods passing borders, the customs also step up policy awareness campaign, encourage and guide famous-brand products to deposit their IPR information and assist them in resolving difficulties when enforcing their rights.  Taking full advantage of international collaboration mechanism, the customs also work with foreign partners in combating cross-border IPR violations.
The Implementing Regulations of the Customs Protection of Intellectual Property Rights, newly amended by the General Administration of Customs will be effective on July 1.  The new Regulations aim to improve transparency of enforcement, streamline enforcement procedure, clarify conditions of initiating border measures and solve some technical issues of legislation.
(by Wei Xiaomao/Tao Yong)