TIPO Obtained Fruitful Results in Establishing International Exchange

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TIPO Obtained Fruitful Results in Establishing International Exchange


In 2010, TIPO signed IPR MOUs with Czech Republic and Italy as well as set up exchange plans with the European Union, U.S. and Japan, strengthening international cooperation with fruitful results.

TIPO signed IPR MOUs with Czech Republic and Italy in September and November of this year, respectively. Both parties will enhance exchange cooperation in IPR-related information, staff and technology aspects. Such exchange is expected to facilitate the cooperation of technology and creativity in both countries.

TIPO has also held bilateral meetings regularly with countries that TIPO has signed the MOU with. For example, in March 2010, TIPO held an IPR meeting with the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office in Taipei. TIPO also plans to hold the 9th annual Taiwan-France IPR Meeting with Institute Natinoal de la Propriete Industrielle (INPI) this year to discuss issues important to both countries and plan for matters related to the cooperation. To enforce the signed MOU, TIPO proactively sets up staff visits, training exchanges for examiners, and invites officials to participate the Taipei International Invention and Technology Exchange Exhibition as judges.
In addition to the above countries that have signed an MOU with Taiwan, TIPO is also establishing exchange and cooperation with other countries through related mechanisms and platforms as follows:

(1) EU: Exchange and cooperation are facilitated through the IPR Task Force Video Conference Meeting held twice a year. TIPO held Taiwan-EU Shih-Shang Rice Certificate Mark System Training Trip in Taitung County in March 2010 and Taiwan-EU Prosecutor/Judge Video Conference Meeting in June. Additionally, TIPO held 2010 Taiwan-EU Design Patent Seminar as well as Taiwan and EU Design Exhibition with the European Economic and Trade Office. This year, both parties will hold Taiwan-EU Network Copyright Protection Seminar in Taiwan in addition to the video conference meetings held regularly.

(2) U.S.A: Bilateral IPR cooperation is strengthened under TIFA structure and periodic meetings and discussions. For example, trainings and visits between Taiwan and U.S. examiners are held.

(3) Japan: Cooperation in patent and trademark examination-related measures, examination exchange and electronic operation is established through annual Taiwan-Japan economic discussion and annual visits between the countries’ official representatives.

(4) UK: TIPO conducted the first IPR video conference meeting with UK Intellectual Property Office in July 2010 to exchange thoughts on IPR laws as well as patent and trademark examination guidelines. Both parties also agree to conduct regular video conference meeting to strengthen the relationship.

(5) Australia: TIPO will send two trademark examiners to IP Australia for a two-week training in March this year. TIPO will also invite Australian design patent examiners to come to Taiwan this year.
TIPO will focus on strengthening international exchange and cooperation in the future. Important IPR-related issues, latest IPR laws or examination practice will be exchanged through the platform established with each country, thereby improving IPR protection for both parties. It is hoped that the intellectual property rights possessed by the people in the two parties are well protected to create a win-win environment.


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