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China ranks 21st in global technology innovation

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China ranks 21st in global technology innovation


China ranks 21st globally in technological innovation and research capability, according to a report recently released by the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development (CASTED). The report, the first of its kind in China, surveyed the innovation capacity in 40 countries with an edge in technology research. The United States topped the chart with a rating of 100 on the innovation index. China had a score of 57.9. Switzerland, South Korea and Japan ranked second to fourth.
The survey includes innovation indices such as resources, performance and environment, creation and corporate innovation. China ranked top in the world in both number of R&D workers and high-tech product exports. It was in the fourth place in total R&D spending and the second place in papers recorded by Science Citation Index (SCI). The survey also shows that added value generated by the hi-tech industry ranked 2nd in the world.

From: China Report Intellectural Property