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135 national agencies go legit in software use

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135 national agencies go legit in software use


As of May 31, 135 national-level agencies have spent 140.91 million yuan in purchasing 176,763 sets of authorized software, 66,511(24.88 millioin yuan) and 110,252 (116.03 million yuan) of which are for homemade software and overseas software respectively, according to the National Copyright Administration (NCA) on June 9.

To this end, the remediation campaign for use of authorized software by central government agencies concludes as scheduled.  Such efforts in purchasing authorized software not only reflect Chinese government’s strong voice on IPR protection, but also facilitate development of software industry. In the future, NCA will consult with other relevant departments to further step up information exchange and inspection, facilitate provincial, metropolis and county level government agencies to run licensed software and constantly develop an effective long-term policy for software use. (by Wang Kang)

From:China report intellectual property