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L'OCCITANE alleges CAMENAE over trademark infringement

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L'OCCITANE alleges CAMENAE over trademark infringement


After discovering counterfeit L'OCCITANE products for sale by Guangzhou Meiyue Cosmetics Co.,Ltd (Meiyue) and Guangzhou Jinyue Trading Co., Ltd(Jinyue) in a Beijing department store, L'OCCITANE company alleged the two companies and the store in infringing its trademark and sought 500,000 yuan in damages. Beijing No.1 Intermediate Court heard the case on May 18.

L'OCCITANE obtained the NO. G887132 trademark in May of 2006, certified to be used on Class 3, the goods of cosmetic and essential oils. The cosmetic sold in the store not only used the similar trademark with L'OCCITANE registered,but also counterfeit the natural produce symbols granted by French Standardization Association which used on the “CAMENAE” lavender essential oils.

The two defedants claimed Jinyue had filed the design application of the product and package which did not infringe L',OCCITANE's prior right of trademark.
The case is still pending for further hearing.  (by Yang Qiang)

From:China report intellectual property