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University develops digital painting pen

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University develops digital painting pen


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University develops digital painting pen

Taipei, Jan. 6 (CNA) A local university has developed a digital painting pen that allows users to change brush strokes and colors with a single pen when drawing on a computer screen.
    Users can change the pen's paint color, brush thickness, and brush type, such as watercolor and crayon, by rotating or pressing the pen or by changing the angle at which the pen is held, the National Cheng Kung University said recently.
    The pen, which can be used on tablet computers, is convenient because users do not have to change paint functions on the computer screen, said Wu Fong-gong, an industrial-design professor at National Cheng Kung University, who led the research team.
    He said the pen may also make drawing more enjoyable for young children since it offers multiple types of pen strokes.
    The team has received a patent for the pen in China and is currently applying for one in Taiwan, according to the university.

(From:Focus Taiwan News Channel)