TPK sues Nokia, Chinese companies for patent infringement

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TPK sues Nokia, Chinese companies for patent infringement


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TPK sues Nokia, Chinese companies for patent infringement

    Taipei, Jan. 9 (CNA) Taiwanese touch-panel maker TPK Holding Co. said Wednesday that it has filed patent infringement lawsuits in China against Nokia Corp. and various Chinese companies.
    TPK said its subsidiary, TPK Touch Solutions (Xiamen). Inc., filed two lawsuits a day earlier in the Xiamen City Intermediate People's Court of Fujian Province against companies that it said have infringed upon its "single-sided indium tin oxide" technology, for which it holds a patent in China.
    Chung Chi-li, a TPK executive, said the technology allows manufacturers to produce thinner touch panels.
    One lawsuit was filed against Nokia, Nokia's Lumia 610 smartphone assembler Compal Communications Inc., and its retailer, Xiamen Fuxia Suning Corp.
    Another lawsuit was filed against Shenzhen O-film Tech Co., which makes touch panels for Chinese smartphone maker Huawei's C8812E handset, and Huawei's retailer, Xiamen Zhongbo Trade Co.
    Li said the lawsuits were filed mainly against manufactures, assemblers and retailers, adding that the company is confident of winning the lawsuits.
    TPK said it is seeking damages of 26.91 million Chinese yuan (US$4.32 million) in the Nokia case, and 66 million yuan in the Huawei case.
    Li added that TPK currently holds 400 patents and has over 1,000 additional patent applications pending approval.

(From:Focus Taiwan News Channel)

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