Google withdraws patent claims against Microsoft

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Google withdraws patent claims against Microsoft


【世界專利商標/法律事務所 為您彙整最新的智慧財產權訊息;World Patent & Trademark Law Office


Google withdraws patent claims against Microsoft

    The firm had also argued that Microsoft was using its wi-fi innovations.

    Google has now asked the US International Trade Commission, which handles patent disputes, to withdraw both claims.

    Microsoft said it now hopes Google will withdraw similar claims in other rows, including one over licensing terms.

    Microsoft wants to licence the patents but has refused to comply with Google's demands it should pay up to $4bn (£2.5bn) a year to use them.

    In a separate ongoing dispute in a US court, Microsoft is arguing that the patents, which belong to the Motorola Mobility Unit owned by Google, were only worth about $1m (£623,000) per year to use because the technology they related to is so essential to the tech industry as a whole.

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