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Taiwan’s amended Patent Act set to take effect

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Taiwan’s amended Patent Act set to take effect


【世界專利商標/法律事務所 為您彙整最新的智慧財產權訊息;World Patent & Trademark Law Office


Taiwan’s amended Patent Act set to take effect

    The amended Patent Act will come into force Jan. 1, 2013, according to the Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) under the ROC Ministry of Economic Affairs.

    The revised act will be more compliant with international standards, with more expansive protection for design patents and increased flexibility in application procedures, TIPO said Dec. 12. Major changes regarding application include permission to apply for a patent for an invention that has been disclosed in a publication provided the submission is made within six months of the disclosure, and the limitation of applications in foreign languages to Arabic, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

    In terms of patent examination, the time limit for an applicant to request modifications to the invention description, claims or drawing was removed, while provisions for final notification and correction of mistranslations were added.

    Patent rights for designs have been expanded to cover icons, graphic user interfaces, generative designs and sets of related items.

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(From:Taiwan Today)