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Apple Patents Tech for Curved Display iPhones

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Apple Patents Tech for Curved Display iPhones


Samsung and LG may be the first to launch curved display smartphones, but they certainly might not be the last. The United States Patent and Trademark Office just published a patent from Apple that describes manufacturing methods for curved touch sensors.Specifically, the patent covers the use of these curved sensors in displays and touchpads. The technology should allow for accurate touch-sensitive curved surfaces while preventing substrate warping.

Apple says that its patented technology would surpass the shortcomings of certain manufacturing techniques today. For instance, the patent notes that current touch panels can be difficult to work with because of their thin form factor. When placing thin films over flexible substrates such as plastic, the device runs the risk of enduring structural damaging if it gets too hot. The patent, however, proposes a method would deposit a conductive thin film over the flexible substrate while it is in a flat state. Once the electrodes are in place, the substrates would join to form a curved forming substrate.

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