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Apple Scores Patent for Curved Screen

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Apple Scores Patent for Curved Screen


Orange County – Last week, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted Apple, Inc. its first patent dealing with the technology to create curved displays for its products.  Since the famously tight-lipped company is known for not giving away its upcoming technological implementations, the filings are an important look into what might be on the horizon for Apple.  The development is not too much of a surprise, however, given that both Samsung and LG have both recently entered the market of curved display devices.

The filing, numbered 8,603,574 and entitled, “Curved touch sensor” describes the process for making curved display surfaces.  It details the method for ensuring that the “desired thinness” of the screen is maintained throughout even the curved portions of the display.  It also outlines the way that the products will be manufactured so as not to compromise the integrity of the screens given the curvature.

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