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CES 2014: 3D food printers create sweets and chocolates

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CES 2014: 3D food printers create sweets and chocolates


Two food-creating 3D printers that will launch later this year have been unveiled in Las Vegas.

The machines make chocolate and sugar-based confectionery shaped in ways that would be difficult to produce using traditional methods.

The smaller one, Chefjet, is limited to monochrome creations, but the larger Chefjet Pro can create multicoloured objects.

However, experts said their prices would be likely to limit sales.

The basic version will cost about $5,000 (£3,000) and the more advanced one double that price.

US firm 3D Systems is showing off the machines at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

It also has a new $10,000 model that prints ceramics and another $5,000 one that creates multi-coloured plastic objects.

Until now one of the most common uses for 3D printers within these price ranges has been rapid prototyping - the creation of models used to envisage the look of a design rather than to make products that could be put on sale themselves.


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