Judge reveals HTC One smartphone replacement

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Judge reveals HTC One smartphone replacement


A High Court judge appears to have revealed when HTC plans to release its next flagship smartphone.

Richard Arnold has published a ruling saying that a new model would be launched in the UK in either February or March 2014.

That would be just under a year since the HTC One's April release.

Phone manufacturers typically keep such details secret so far in advance of a launch so as not to discourage consumers from buying existing models.

A spokeswoman for the Taiwanese firm said she had no knowledge of any such plan.

However, the judge noted that Nokia had brought evidence of a first-quarter launch for the so-called HTC One Two to his attention during a patent dispute, and that HTC's lawyer had chosen not to contradict this, leading him to conclude the information was accurate.

The timing was important to the case as it helped influence the judge's decision that the One should not be banned from sale at this time.


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