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Samsung gets its first important win in new patent battle with Apple

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Samsung gets its first important win in new patent battle with Apple


Samsung on Thursday scored its first significant victory in its second U.S. trial with Apple, as Judge Judy Koh rejected an Apple motion that asked the court to allow the company to present evidence in front of the jury that it’s actually practicing three of the asserted patents against Samsung – namely the ‘414, ‘172 and ‘959 patents. Earlier this week, one of the Android device maker’s attorneys told the jury in opening statements that out of the five patents Apple is attacking Samsung with, four aren’t even used in its phones, prompting Apple to file the motion.


“Samsung copied many, many features, but there are limits in what we can accomplish in a trial,” Apple’s lawyer said. “We can’t try 50 patents.”

Before the lawsuit started, FOSS Patents’ Florian Mueller explains, both companies accepted to reducing the number of patents and/or claims brought to trial, in order for a speedier trial to take place. That’s how Apple ended up with five patents/claims and Samsung with just two of the many patents each side could have attacked the other with. Each patent has several claims describing various inventions.

Furthermore, Apple apparently decided of its own accord to pursue those specific patent claims in court even though it isn’t practicing them, leaving other claims from the patents that it’s practicing, out of the trial.

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