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Apple wants retrial in Samsung patent case

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Apple wants retrial in Samsung patent case


Apple is requesting a retrial after a Californian jury ordered Samsung to pay the US company $119m (£71m) in damages for infringing two of its patents.

Apple had been seeking damages of $2.2bn after accusing Samsung of copying five patents including the "slide to unlock function".

The US company also filed a permanent injunction to prevent Samsung using the patents it was found to have infringed.

Samsung filed court documents too but the contents have not been made public.

During the original trial Apple had accused Samsung of "systematically" copying features distinctive to its iOS software. Samsung denied that it had copied Apple patents and said it was Apple who was doing the copying.

The jury found that Apple had infringed some Samsung patents and awarded $158,000 in damages to the South Korean firm.

"Litigation fatigue"


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