Boeing Patents Star Wars-Style Force Fields

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Boeing Patents Star Wars-Style Force Fields


Boeing has obtained a patent for Star Wars-style "force field" technology designed to protect military vehicles and other potential targets from shockwaves from explosions.

The design is named "Method and system for shockwave attenuation via electromagnetic arc" and uses energy to deflect potential damage.

According to patent office website USPTO, the technique is a shockwave attenuation system consisting of two elements: a sensor to detect a shockwave-producing explosion, and an arc generator that receives a signal from the sensor and uses energy to deflect the effects of the explosion.

"Such embodiments ... may reduce the energy density of the shockwave by creating a second medium in the path of the advancing shockwave that reflects, refracts, absorbs and deflects at least a portion of the shockwave," the patent reads.

The futuristic defence system will not deflect direct hits.

Something similar has been seen in several sci-fi movies, from Star Wars to Fantastic Four, where it is used by character Sue Storm.

The patent was first filed in May 2012, and was granted this month to Boeing, which produces aircraft, satellites, rockets and military vehicles.



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