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Apple Granted Patent for Potential Gear VR Killer

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Apple Granted Patent for Potential Gear VR Killer


From smartphones to smartwatches, Apple usually lets other companies enter a category first before it dives in, and the same might be true for virtual reality headsets. The company was awarded a patent on Tuesday (Feb. 17) for a head-mounted display that could be powered by an iPhone, resulting in a system very similar to Samsung's Gear VR.

According to Apple Insider, Apple first filed for the device way back in September of 2008, just a year after the first iPhone debuted. The patent says that "the portable electronic device may be operatively coupled to the head-mounted device such that the portable electronic device and head mounted device can communicate and operate with one another." Again, just like the Gear VR.

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The most intriguing bit about the concept is that it includes a remote control, which looks similar to an Apple TV remote. This accessory would allow the user to control on-screen content, although it's possible Apple is also working on gesture-based controls. The Gear VR uses a touchpad mounted on the headset itself, but it also supports Bluetooth-enabled gaming controllers.


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