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Amazon Patents Drone Delivery System

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Amazon Patents Drone Delivery System

San Diego – The days of receiving Amazon goods via a man-maneuvered truck may soon become antiquated. Amazon was recently awarded a patent from the USPTO for its latest idea- “a system for aerial delivery”. The entire system is not yet available. However, the patent does specifically describe that upon receipt of a delivery request, an unmanned drone will then be sent to deliver the package. The drone will also be able to navigate and change its path, just in case animals, humans, or any other obstacles are met along the way. Consumers should not be worried about large objects being carried through the air. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos stated that only packages that weigh less than five pounds will be a part of the drone delivery system. However, this would mean that as high as 86% of Amazon’s deliveries would meet the weight requirements to be delivered by drone. Other larger packages will continue to be delivered via trucks. Even with the patent awarded, Amazon still has an uphill battle in order for its drone system to be implemented. Amazon lobbyists have been requesting that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reduce drone restrictions so that they may be used commercially, as is the case with the Amazon deliveries. The FAA allowed Amazon to test its drone, but it came after months of communication and restrictions. The test drones are currently allowed to fly at or below 400 feet, and only in clear weather conditions and away from airports. Amazon has high hopes that drones will eventually be able to deliver packages within just 30 minutes. There is also hope that deliveries can be made not only at a customer’s house, but also to wherever the person may be at the time such as on a road trip or even on a boat. The drone would use the GPS location from the user’s phone, and deliver directly to that location. The Amazon drone delivery system is currently in the testing phase, and there is no word on when the service will be offered to customers. To continue reading, click here. (These latest Intellectual Property (IP) news and events presented here, are prepared and compiled by us, the World Patent & Trademark Law Office (WPTO),for your reference and information)