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Amendments to IP Laws for TPP Accession

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Amendments to IP Laws for TPP Accession

Amendments to IP Laws for TPP Accession


Following the Executive Yuan’s policy to dash for Taiwan's inclusion in the TPP, TIPO has started drafting amendments to Patent Act, Trademark Act and Copyright Act to fill the gap with TPP regulations. The key amendments are as following:


  1. Patent Act: It aims to extend the grace period, extend the term of protection due to unreasonable delay caused by the authority, and revise the indictable basis in response to patent linkage system.
  2. Trademark Act: Importation and domestic use of counterfeit labels and packages will be liable for criminal penalties.

  3. Copyright Act: The term of protection for copyright will be extended to 70 years after the death of the author of the work. Acts circumventing technological protection measures will be subject to criminal penalties. Certain contraventions which are liable for criminal penalties will be indicted without a complaint. The amendment will also introduce protection of encrypted program-carrying satellite and cable signals.


TIPO has held public hearings on the amendments above in March and April for seeking public inputs. The draft amendment was submitted to the Executive Yuan on May 10.



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