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ITRI Named a 2017 Clarivate Analytics Top 100 Global Innovator

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ITRI Named a 2017 Clarivate Analytics Top 100 Global Innovator

ITRI Named a 2017 Clarivate Analytics Top 100 Global Innovator


HSIHCHU, Taiwan – The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) was named a 2017 Clarivate Analytics Top 100 Global Innovator today (Jan. 25, 2018). The annual report highlights the most successful organizations in the world that are active in innovation through research and development, protection of their IP and the achievement of commercial success.

ITRI has made the list on par with international companies such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google. This suggests ITRI’s efforts in strengthening its R&D innovation capacity have earned a global presence. Amongst the top 100, ITRI, Fraunhofer, and the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission are the only three government-sponsored research institutions. In addition, ITRI and Hon Hai are the only two organizations in Taiwan to win this honor for 2017.

Placement on the list has become the standard measure for innovation across the world and is recognized as a significant achievement for those who are named. Clarivate Analytics is celebrating innovative businesses which are prioritizing investment in unique and enduring inventions. These organizations are solidifying their position by successfully bringing patents to market and enjoying global commercial potential.

Up to date, ITRI has accumulated 28,598 patents, 98% of which are invention patents. It is also active in licensing its technologies to industry and delivering high-quality patent portfolios that involve cross-disciplinary technology innovation. The report shows that ITRI has excellent performance in Influence and has made great progress in Globalization, implying the great impact of its R&D capacity and the substantial global reach of its patent portfolios.

“This is the second time that ITRI has been selected as a Top 100 Global Innovator since 2014, which means that ITRI’s constant efforts in technology innovation and protection of our IP have been recognized,” said ITRI President Jonq-Min Liu. “We’re glad to receive this honor and will keep developing cross-disciplinary innovation.” He added that ITRI’s newly-launched GuangFu Innovation Campus is an example of a Co-Creation model that leverages the talent and resources of nearby academic and industrial communities. “It is like making stone soup,” said Dr. Liu. He hopes that ITRI can play a leading role in integrating collaborative efforts to forge a technology cluster and thereby demonstrate Taiwan’s innovation power.

Daniel Videtto, President of IP & Standards at Clarivate Analytics said, “As the world experiences geopolitical shifts and significant economic change, the one constant that enables leaders to weather volatility is a laser focus on innovation. It helps develop competitive advantage, leading to the creation of sustainable economies that make possible societal improvements and the enhanced wellbeing of citizens.”

The organizations in the 2017 Top 100 represent three continents and 11 different markets, with major innovation hubs Japan and the USA accounting for 75% of the list. Eighty-five of the 2017 Top 100 Global Innovators also appeared on the 2016 list, and six are new to the report.

The 2017 Clarivate Analytics Top 100 Global Innovator methodology is based on four principle criteria: overall patent volume, patent application-to-grant success rate, global reach of the portfolio and patent influence as evidenced by citations. The peer-reviewed methodology was executed using Clarivate solutions including Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI). The index provides editorially enhanced, authoritative and accurate patent data, and is trusted by more than 40 patent offices worldwide.