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IPR Protection Requires All Countries on Board <2>

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 IPR Protection Requires All Countries on Board <2>

IPR Protection Requires All Countries on Board <2>


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IPR Protection Requires All Countries on Board <2>




Source: People`s Daily


For years, Chinese IPR protection practice has always been in line with international norms and rules, strengthening bilateral and multilateral cooperation with other countries and regions, coordinating cross-border joint law enforcement operations to crack down on IPR infractions. In 2017, China and the U.S. successfully solved the June 7 cross-border IPR infringement case. Customs from China and U.S. worked together to target selected goods on multiple occasions. Customs from China and Russia also launched joint operations on goods circulation through mail and courier services.


China and the U.S. are important IPR partners. Both countries are now technology manufactures for the world. In 2017, the U.S. interests acquired 24,000 Chinese patents, ranking the second among all foreign countries while the U.S.-based Qualcomm was the most prolific foreign user.  Across the Pacific, China obtained 11,000 patents in the U.S., qualifying for top 5 foreign countries. In the meantime, China filed the second most number of 51,500 patent applications via the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), tracing only the U.S.


China opposes running trade protection in the disguise of IPR protection


According to Zhang, IPR disputes between Chinese and U.S. companies is not a bit more unusual than those between the U.S. and companies of other origins. This is just another day of operation for IPR system, which shall be treated reasonably, evaluated properly, improved and solved through cooperation. As a matter of fact, China has open and effective lanes for resolving IPR disputes, whether through administrative or judicial avenues. Unsubstantiated accusation of pilfering IPRs is irresponsible and will serve no good course. China treats all companies, foreign and domestic on equal footing and renders the same protection to safeguard the lawful rights of all holders.