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Survey: Users nods to SIPO patent grant quality

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Survey: Users nods to SIPO patent grant quality


       A latest survey by Thomson Reuters and an UK-based magazine Managing IP shows that China’s efforts on improving quality of granted patents are generally acknowledged by the industry’s insiders. Some 57% of the patent agents from companies and 56% patent attorney recognized that quality of SIPO’s granted patents has been improved in recent years, making SIPO dwarfing IP5 peers, USPTO, JPO, EPO, and KIPO which are subjects of similar surveys.

    In a bid to gain better knowledge of the context surrounding IP professionals today, the survey was launched with patent quality evaluation as the key point and nearly 600 company patent agents, patent attorney and individual agents who read this magazine are involved. The questions are related to patent litigation, patent commercialization, in-team relations and patent quality.
(By Wang Weiwei/Ren Xiaoling)

From : China Intellectual Property News