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Seminar on IP Landscape in New Southbound countries

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Seminar on IP Landscape in New Southbound countries

Seminar on IP Landscape in New Southbound countries


To actively assist Taiwanese companies in building IP portfolios in New Southbound countries, on August 27 (Tuesday) and 28 (Wednesday), 2019, TIPO will hold a seminar on IP Landscape practices in New Southbound countries with Taiwan Patent Attorneys Association (TWPAA) at Tsai Lecture Hall, College of Law, National Taiwan University in Taipei.

The seminar has the intellectual property office officials and patent attorneys of Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and India as guest lecturers. They will speak about the invention patent and utility model patent systems (such as application requirements, the time limit for OA response, and patent term), patent examination practices, and the things to note when filing applications and protecting patents for Taiwanese companies in New Southbound countries. 

IPR can protect a company’s business achievements while generating more value for the company. When entering the local market of a New Southbound country, if using the country’s IPR system properly and setting appropriate IP portfolio strategies, the company shall be able to leverage its advantages more. TIPO expects the seminar to help attendants learn more about the IPR practices in New Southbound countries.

For more information, please keep a close eye on TIPO’s website and our Facebook fan page.