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Shanghai Expo IPR work delivers

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Shanghai Expo IPR work delivers


         After two months’ operation, significant results have been achieved in IPR protection and service by Shanghai’s relevant administration for IPR and the Coordinating Bureau of Shanghai Expo.
         As of June 22, Shanghai IP service center has received 113 consultations by E-mail and telephone and other ways, and 44 requests for exhibition from Germany pavilion, Czech pavilion, Mexico pavilion and other participates, 11 of which have been granted.
         Since the Expo opened to the public, the Bureau has handled 359 infringement cases. As of June 20, 12330 has totally processed 208 calls and rolled 16 cases into the next phase of proceedings, including 5 trademark cases, 2 patent cases, 1 copyright case and 7 cases on Expo symbols.
(by Kong Yuanzhong)

From: China Intellectual Property News