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TIPO offers six services to fight against COVID-19

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TIPO offers six services to fight against COVID-19

TIPO offers six services to fight against COVID-19


As a response to the continued spread of COVID-19 around the world, TIPO offers the following six services, “patent analysis for the ‘national mask team,’” “making the information of global pandemic prevention relevant patents accessible,” “potential COVID-19 drugs related Taiwan patent information,” “ pandemic prevention related trademark hotline,” “reinstatement if applicants fail to comply within a statutory time period,” and “smart home consultations plus online applications,” to facilitate the diffusion of technologies, help industry focus on R&D, and instill new energy into the fight against the disease.

To fight against COVID-19, the world is in the competition for making test kits, medicine, and vaccines. Following this R&D trend closely, TIPO provides the needed information and services to industry:

  1. Patent analysis for the “national mask team”

As a response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has gathered up domestic mask companies to form a “national mask team” to boost mask production capacity. More than 20 countries have been drawn to purchase mask-related facilities in Taiwan so far. While our “national mask team” sets out to help the world, TIPO releases patent information relating to mask-producing facilities and technologies around the world, so that our nationals will not commit patent infringement when they enter the global market. TIPO is ready to help, if any patent analysis is needed.

  1. Making the information of global –pandemic prevention relevant patents accessible

A  pandemic prevention section has just been established in TIPO’s Global Patent Search System(GPSS). The items are divided into 14 groups, such as masks, protective clothing, test kits, vaccines, and medicine. With just one lick, users can find the information of patents relating to epidemic prevention in the world. Also, members of the GPSS will receive notes on the latest patent cases in chosen technical fields. They may enjoy a range of added-value services such as statistical and chart-based analyses. TIPO aims to help industry quickly learn the key information of  pandemic prevention technologies globally.

  1. Potential COVID-19 drugs related Taiwan patent information

Since vaccines against COVID-19 are not yet available, medical experts home and abroad are urgently looking for effective solutions. In the short term, “Old drugs, new uses” is thus considered the most convenient and safest option.

Starting in March, TIPO has released drug approval status and patent information of 52 potential medications in the limelight around the globe for combating COVID-19. Such include remdesivir, hydroxychloroquine, favipiravir, and ivermectin (for parasite control). The medications are divided into three categories according to their patenting conditions: 1. the core patent of its main active ingredient is under protection in Taiwan; 2. the core patent of its main active ingredient is not under protection in Taiwan, but other non-core patents are; 3. the medication is not protected in Taiwan at all.

Through the aforementioned information, TIPO hopes to assist medical and pharmaceutical companies in learning more about relevant patents, and thus able to quickly develop business strategies, such as seeking a licensing agreement with the patent holder,  designing around the original patent, or just leaving any possibility of patent infringement behind. For the welfare of the people in Taiwan, we hope to see a timely development of drugs against COVID-19, and that the drugs can become available soon.

  1. Pandemic Prevention related trademark hotline

Hypochlorous acid, hand sanitizer, pressure-free mask covers, and protective clothing are all popular products during the COVID-19 outbreak. To meet applicants’ needs, TIPO has sorted out a categorized list of the “names of pandemic prevention products and services. An online application with all of the designated goods or services indentical to those terms on the said list or recommended in TIPO’s e-filing system will get an NT$300 fee reduction. Consultation hotlines are also available now – TIPO will help applicants conduct trademark search, and suggest them whether their applications may be successful or not. This shall help companies to quickly apply for trademark registration while lowering marketing risks. The service is available from now until May 31, and may be extended depending on the circumstances of the outbreak.

  1. Reinstatement if applicants fail to comply within a statutory time period

If patent or trademark applicants fail to comply within a statutory time period for application and other procedures, such as paying certificate fees or patent annuity, and requesting substantive examination or re-examination due to COVID-19, the applicants may ask TIPO for reinstatement upon presenting documents as evidence. In principle, such cases will be determined leniently.

  1. Smart home consultations plus online applications

TIPO still provides patent and trademark consultation services during the outbreak. Without having to go out, with just one phone call, people can enjoy consultation services by professional volunteers. Applicants also may file patent and trademark applications online. Patent applications can get an NT$600 fee reduction and trademarks at NT$300!

The details of the six measures have been released at the “IPR News related to COVID-19” section. By providing patent information, offering professional consultation services, and accepting reinstatement applications, TIPO hopes to ensure people’s rights and interests, facilitate the spread of innovative technologies, and help R&D specialists find solutions for Covid-19.