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TIPO releases the English edition of the annual report

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TIPO releases the English edition of the annual report

TIPO releases the English edition of the annual report


In 2019, TIPO celebrated its 20th anniversary of its establishment.

In 2019, the Copyright Act was amended in May to impose civil and criminal liabilities on any person providing computer programs which have aggregated IP addresses that enable access to infringing contents. The purpose is to curb the circulation of illegal set-top boxes.

In November, the Patent Act was amended to extend the term of protection for design patent from 12 to 15 years. In addition, the restriction on post-grant division of invention and utility model patents was relaxed, and an invalidation requester should submit grounds thereof within three months after the request is filed. The amendment is to facilitate development in Taiwan’s design industry and increase the efficiency in the examination of invalidation cases.

In December, the Legislative Yuan passed the amendment to the Trade Secrets Act that introduces the system of confidentiality protective order for investigation in order to increase the efficiency in the investigation of trade secret cases.

In addition, TIPO keeps improving examination efficiency and quality, providing strong support for the industry sector’s innovation development, as well as strengthening international cooperation. The annual report covers accomplishments and statistics for the year 2019. Access to the annual report is open to the public.

English edition of TIPO’s 2019 annual report