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.TIPO’s Industry Patent Knowledge Base – Your Ticket to Enhanced Innovation and IP Protection Awaren

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.TIPO’s Industry Patent Knowledge Base – Your Ticket to Enhanced Innovation and IP Protection Awaren

.TIPO’s Industry Patent Knowledge Base – Your Ticket to Enhanced Innovation and IP Protection Awaren


In 2017, TIPO unveiled its Patent Data Navigation Plan. By collecting and releasing patent data from all of the IP5, along with its own, TIPO has made huge amounts of information accessible, ready to be analyzed and used. Thanks to the launch of the Industry Patent Knowledge Base under the Plan, businesses can keep up to date with the most recent global trends in technology.

In order to promote the knowledge base and improve its various functions, TIPO has visited and consulted a total of 293 companies over the past four years. Their invaluable advice has allowed us to deliver ever more convenient tools and diversify the information we provide, such as by incorporating the following functions: patent recommendation, latest patents, patent tracking, related articles search, patent systems of other countries, instructional videos, trend statistics, etc.

In 2020, we saw the addition of four new functions: search by industry, directory of researchers, PTAB case search, and news aggregation. These features can help companies quickly locate important information about patented technologies and IP developments while also ensuring that they find the right partner to work with.

  1. Search by industry: a new type of search engine that allows direct comparison of Taiwanese industries and patented technologies. Patent documents are arranged and displayed by industry so that companies get a practical, field-specific overview of global trends relating to patented technologies.

  2. Directory of researchers: a directory listing specialists from different research areas. Biographical information is matched to relevant patent documents so that users can learn about a researcher’s background as well as any patents he/she may have applied for in the past. This allows SMEs to get a better idea of the areas of expertise associated with each individual, letting them make the right choice when it comes to selecting a partner.

  3. PTAB case search: a collection of over 60,000 items of information detailing appeals handled by USPTO’s Patent Trail and Appeal Board since 1997. The data aims to meet businesses’ needs regarding the speedy gathering of information on legal proceedings and appeals.

  4. News aggregation: Drawing from 52 different sources, including government agencies, law firms, and Google’s latest IP stories, this function amasses over 7,000 news items per month. It also lets users customize their news feed. They can screen, browse and follow channels on specific topics such as IP, events, business, smart machinery, the biotech and medical industry, and job recruitment.