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SINCE 1951


About WPTO

Since its foundation in Taiwan in 1951, World Patent & Trademark Law Office
(hereinafter referred to as WPTO) has constantly upheld a management philosophy of
integrity and dedication to the field of intellectual property by providing comprehensive
professional technical and legal services to the general public, industry, academia,
and government institutions.

Professional firm
deeply rooted in Taiwan

800+ registered trademark
cases annually

Unbeatable prices
and reputable service




FIND OUT: whether the name or
logo you would like to trademark
is already in use

One Class, One mark
  • The prices expressed on this site are in USD
  • Reports are offered for $100 per word mark / pictorial mark
  • Combination of word mark + pictorial mark is priced separately
  • WPTO’s delivery time: 3-5 business days



First to file (registration)

One mark for 20 goods/services or less in Class 1-45
  • WPTO’s delivery time: 3-5 business days
  • Duration of official examination:6-12 months



PROTECT: register and enforce your brand in Taiwan

One class
  • After the registration fee has been made, the trademark will be published within the next 1.5 months, at which time the certificate will be issued as well.



SUSTAIN: keep your brand in force

One class
  • WPTO provides one-stop management solution to alleviate the burden of renewals
  • Timely support for predictable renewal costs
  • Protect your brand for generations to come
  • The first renewal date of a trademark registration is 10 years from the publication date of registration



Is there any need to use my trademark before I apply for registration?
It is not required to actually have had the mark in commerce, or to have the intention of using the mark prior to filing an application in Taiwan. Thus, there is no need to provide specimens to prove actual use.
Is Taiwan a member of the Madrid System and any possibility to claim priority in Taiwan?
Taiwan is not a signatory to either the Madrid Agreement or the Madrid Protocol.
The priority application must be filed in any of the WTO member countries within the last six months(The corresponding application should be the one that was first filed for the mark worldwide.)
What classification system does Taiwan use?
Taiwan allows for multi-class applications, and requires specific designations of goods and services that are based mainly on the international“Nice Classification” system.
If there is an existing U.S. trademark application that has been filed, the goods/ services can also be provided for our reference.
What are the requirements for trademark application?
A trademark application must include the following elements:
Name of the applicant;
Address of the applicant;
Country of applicant;
Representation trademark;
Listing of the goods or services;
Power of Attorney
Do I need to file a trademark application in Taiwan if I have obtained the trademark rights in China?
The trademark rights of China do notapply in Taiwan. Every country has their own laws and regulations on trademarks. If you would like to expand your trademark protection to include Taiwan, an application would need to be filed with the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office.

World Patent & Trademark Law Office

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