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All-round Service Network with a Long History
Since its foundation in 1951, the World Patent & Trademark Law Office (WPTO) has constantly upheld a management philosophy of integrity and dedicated itself to the field of intellectual property by providing comprehensive professional technical and legal services to the general public, industry, academia, and also government institutions. To date, WPTO has established long-term cooperative business relationships with more than one hundred prestigious law firms around the world, and also collaborated directly with local attorneys and agents in China, Hong Kong and Macau.

Due to the close economic partnerships mentioned above, we are able to share up-to-date cross-strait information and thereby build up a comprehensive IP service network in East Asia.
Extensive & Professional Practical Experience
Being a law firm providing all-round IP services for over 60 years, the guarantee that we offer to our clients is our expert personnel. Our professional team includes lawyers with abundant litigation experience, patent attorneys who have many years of official examination experience from the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO), patent engineers who are highly educated in science and engineering, as well as international IP consultants, who are proficient in Chinese, English and Japanese and who have extensive foreign practice experience.

Throughout our history, our IP team has helped clients to successfully obtain more than ten thousand patents and trademarks in various technical fields involving electrical engineering, communication engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, semiconductors,, chemical engineering, biotechnology and so on. The highly professional staff of WPTO include an outstanding IP team possessing legal expertise, technical knowledge and practical experience.
Efficiency & Stable Service Quality
Apart from having the top IP team to provide the professional technical and legal services for clients, it is also important to monitor cases carefully and promote entire quality and expertise effectively. To achieve the aforesaid objectives, WPTO has elaborately trained a group of IP management administrators who all obtain IP certification from TIPO. Because of this policy, not only task and procedure are divided delicately and controlled cautiously based on specialization, but also professional abilities are greatly enhanced to further furnish clients with high-efficiency and high-quality services in view of their various demands.
The Best Bridge between Taiwan, China, Hong Kong & Macau
Through WPTO inter-departmental cooperation, a combined strength is achieved, and thus WPTO becomes undoubtedly the best bridge for clients from all over the world to enter the field of intellectual property in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Macau.

Being a scientific, economic and trade center in the Asia Pacific zone over many decades, Taiwan continues to foster prominent technical expertise. The service industry in Taiwan is also especially renowned for being buoyant and well-developed. As a result, these aspects provide reassurance to foreigners when entering the Asian market.

Every lawyer, patent attorney, patent engineer and IP management administrator in WPTO has exceptional foreign language ability, and therefore can offer prompt and professional services to clients around the world without limitation, and further assist them in establishing a complete business strategy in Asia intellectual property.