Intellectual Ventures settles patent case against Altera

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Intellectual Ventures settles patent case against Altera


Intellectual Ventures has settled a patent lawsuit against chipmaker Altera Corp, leaving Xilinx Inc as the only remaining defendant in a case in which IV had claimed infringement by four semiconductor companies, according to court documents.

Intellectual Ventures, which has purchased billions of dollars worth of patents, sued Altera for patent infringement in December 2010. Three other chipmakers were also defendants in the lawsuit, including Xilinx, which is also an IV investor.

According to documents filed this week in federal court in Delaware, Altera and Intellectual Ventures agreed to dismiss all claims against each other. The terms of the deal, including any potential patent licenses, were not disclosed in the filings.

IV had previously announced settlements with Lattice Semiconductor Corp and Microsemi Corp.

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