US Patent Office cancels Washington Redskins trademark

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US Patent Office cancels Washington Redskins trademark


Washington (AFP) - The US Patent and Trademark Office on Wednesday moved to cancel the federal registration of the Washington Redskins' name after it agreed that it is "disparaging of Native Americans."


The decision -- which the American football team intends to appeal -- is a victory for American Indians and their supporters for whom "redskins" is a racially charged word.

In a statement, the Patent Office said five Native American petitioners had "met their burden to establish that the term 'Redskins' was disparaging of Native Americans, when used in relation to professional football services."

While the team could still keep using the name, cancelation would result in the loss of protection from copyright infringement and counterfeiting that comes with federal registration.

- Appeal on horizon -

The Redskins' trademark attorney Bob Raskopf said the team would "of course" appeal the decision just as it did successfully back in 2003.

"We are confident we will prevail once again," said Raskopf in a statement from Ashburn, Virginia, where the team is holding a week-long pre-season mini training camp.


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