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2015 EU-Taiwan Seminar on Internet Copyright Protection

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2015 EU-Taiwan Seminar on Internet Copyright Protection

2015 EU-Taiwan Seminar on Internet Copyright Protection


TIPO joined with the EETO and EBRC to hold the “2015 EU-Taiwan Internet Copyright Protection” at the International Conference Hall, College of Law, National Taiwan University on September 18, 2015. Taiwan and EU copyright experts specialized in various fields were invited to the seminar. They shared their experiences on online copyright protection. In addition, they also had comprehensive and informative discussions with the attendees and achieved fruitful results. The attendees include representatives from academic institutions, government organizations, and various industries. The interactions between the speakers and attendees at the seminar and group discussions were great. Accordingly, this seminar successfully hit the goal to exchange views and understand the future international development trend on online copyright protection.

Following the 2011 seminar, the theme of the seminar for 2015 once again targeted at “internet copyright protection”. The topics comprise issues that local music and movie industries, ISPs, as well as countries around the world have attached great importance to. The speakers include Tamas Kenesse, legal officer of DG CNECT of the EC; Anne-Catherine Milleron, INPI legal property attaché, Economic Service, Embassy of France in South Korea; EU IPR experts and scholars, Taiwan representatives from TIPO, Taiwan High Prosecutors Office, rightholders and ISPs. The speeches not only covered the latest updates on Taiwan and the EU’s related laws and enforcements but also introduced the topic of “strengthening cooperation between rightholders and ISPs”. Experts specialized in related practices shared their experiences and had great interactions with attending scholars, government officials, and industry professionals, who raised a lot of questions.

The technologies have been developing and changing after the globe entered into the internet era years ago. The internet has become the main approach for creative works and information communications. Nevertheless, following the developments in online streaming and cloud computing over the recent years, online copyright infringement cases have increased and become even more difficult to fight against. At this one-day seminar, attendees had a more in-depth understanding of both sides’ current online copyright protection laws, rightholders and ISPs’ solutions and difficulties in face of online copyright infringement. The seminar discussions were important references for Taiwan’s future developments in online copyright enforcement practices and related laws amendments. All participants considered that the seminar was very successful.


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