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Q01. What is a patent? open/fold
Q02. How many types of patents exist in ROC? open/fold
Q03. Is it necessary to file a patent application in ROC for the same creation which has been applied for a patent in another country? open/fold
Q04. Who may apply for a patent? open/fold
Q05. If two or more persons work together to make a creation, to whom will the patent be granted? open/fold
Q06. Is a document proving the assignment of the right to apply for a patent required when the patent applicant is not the creator? open/fold
Q07. What languages may I use for filing a patent application? open/fold
Q08. When should I provide a Chinese translation if I filed in a language other than Chinese? Can I make a request for an extension of the time period? open/fold
Q09. What is a “grace period”? open/fold
Q10. How can I claim a priority right based on the first application filed in a country other than ROC? open/fold
Q11. What can I do if I didn’t claim priority or the priority claimed was incomplete at the time of filing patent application? open/fold
Q12. May I use an earlier patent application filed in ROC as the basis for a priority claim in a subsequent patent application to be filed in ROC? open/fold
Q13. Can I add a further inventor to, or delete an inventor from, a patent application that has already been filed? open/fold
Q14. I would like to assign my right for a patent application (or patent right). What do I have to do? open/fold
Q15. May I amend my patent application after filing it? open/fold
Q16. May I request for conversion of the patent type of application after filing? open/fold
Q17. Is there a time frame set for conversion request? open/fold
Q18. May I request for division of a patent application? open/fold